MANAGING DIRECTOR - "Life is tough... I used to be an oil broker."

Craig founded “Vmax” as it was then known in 2002. As a life-long car fanatic Craig saw an early Top Gear shootout with supercars on a runway and decided that he had to make it happen, some years later Vmax was born. Formerly a City Oil Broker, Craig lives on an island and actually believes he could be the first short Welsh James Bond.

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DIRECTOR - "Bungee jumper & wannabe global pop star."

Richard is a globe-trotting Chartered Accountant who has swapped his days of bungee-jumping in Greece and working for PwC, for life in the fast lane at Vmax200 and Auto Vivendi. Richard was thrilled in bringing Vmax200 into the Auto Vivendi family of businesses in 2014 and working alongside Craig, has huge plans to continue the growth of Vmax200 into a global event series.

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MARSHAL - "When he drops his arms, you drop the hammer."

Andy has the glory job that everyone else wants – he stands at the front of the grid and drops his arms to start each Vmax duel. This means he gets into a lot of photographs! When Andy isn’t posing for the camera, he is in constant contact with the safety crew ensuring the runway is clear at all times. Whilst deadly serious on the job, once the last guests have left he keeps the Vmax Crew entertained with his non-stop comedic talent (trust us, he needs all the practice he can get).


MARSHAL - "Some say he wears a white suit on weekends."

Jeremy owns more cars than a man who spends most of his time working from home could ever need. He focuses his time and effort on using them all as much as possible whether on driving tours around Europe, on track days, at Vmax200 or simply taking the longest possible route to collect that elusive pint of milk. To pay for his addiction, Jeremy helps grow start-up companies in the tech and telecoms sectors, however, he tells us this is a temporary career whilst he waits for his call up as a professional racing driver.


MARSHAL - "The fastest taxi driver in the West (of England)."

Aside from Vmax200, Neil claims to do something in IT and Defenceall we know is that he disappears to the Middle East a lot and comes back without a suntanFormerly an avid Vmaxxer himself, Neil has since moved to the dark side helping to organise and ensuring the smooth running of our events. The Bolt famously drives the Vmax Taxi and gives safety demonstration laps, although for some reason, the passengers are always very happy to get out of his car!


MARSHAL & PHOTOGRAPHER - "Living life through a lens."

James captures all the action on film and when he doesn’t have a camera in hand, he’s flying the drone recording stunning footage of the action from above. When James isn’t at Vmax200 or enjoying his other passion, running marathons in aid of charity, he is a chefextraordinaire. Some might say he’s the perfect catch – and then they see his shoes.


EVENTS & EXPERIENCES - "Helping people around the world spend their kids' inheritance."

Joss re-joined Auto Vivendi in 2014 after plying her trade around the world for the last 4 years, running a sister supercar club in New York as well as helping to launch Clubs in Australia. As so often happens with birds who have been released in the wild, Joss found her way home and is now safely back where she belongs – in the Auto Vivendi Events & Experiences team! Joss’ favourite car is the 458 Spider because like her, it’s highly tuned and expensive to maintain – the perfect fit for the Club then! Oh and she likes horses.

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MARSHAL - "Move over Clarkson"

Tony, or gorgeous Tony as we call him is a man of many talents, handy wheel man, presenter, drummer, Cyclist, Male Model and all round nice guy. If we didn’t know him, we’d want to!

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