About VMax

Vmax200, the premiere top speed members club in the UK

Vmax200 is a private coming together of likeminded people and extreme machinery with one goal: to achieve their maximum ground speed on a 2 mile, straight runway.

We strive to push our cars and ourselves to the limit and most of all, to have great fun in a safe environment

An example video of what happens at VMax:

An example of what happens is on this great write-up. Click here.

VMax regular JeremyC has put together an excellent summary of the Dos and Donts of having a great time at VMax:


- Have a great time; it is difficult not to.

- Come and say hello to everyone – it is a great social event.

- Ask for passenger rides if you want to – most are very accommodating.

- Check your car carefully before the day: tyres (condition and pressures), brakes, fluids etc.

- Build up slowly through the day; there are no prizes for outbraking yourself on the first run and ending up embedded in the earth bank.

- Ask questions of anyone if you’re unsure.

- Remember it’s not the going fast that kills you – it’s the inability to stop.


- Try and show what a perfect drift merchant you are around the final bend into the waiting area; it will end in tears.

- Try and get the fastest run of the day through the traps first time out.

- Learn how well you can slow from high speeds first.

- Compromise safety in any way – either yourself or others.

- Invite all your mates to come along and see how fast you can go – the limit on spectators is your passenger.

- Worry overly – hundreds of people have had fantastic days in complete safety.

VMax in the Press

VMax is regularly featured in magazine articles and on television such as Fifth Gear.

Evo featured VMax Overboost. Click the thumbnail for high res.

The Telegraph featured VMax Overboost - click here

Here's the Fifth Gear episode VMax was featured in:

At VMax Overboost, we played host to Lexus and their awesome LFA. For a video of the car, please click here and visit their official blog for a report on their day.

We have a number of publications joining us in 2011 and as soon as articles are live we'll add them here.

If you're a journalist who is interested in joining us, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vmax a corporate event with time restrictions & limited track time?

No, it’s a private event based upon a group of people clubbing together to hire the runway and as such we have limitless time within the day.

Is vmax purely the 2 mile straight?

No, we have full use of the circuit so lots of fun to be had on the bends also.

How many runs will I get?

Usually up to 20+ although most people have had their fill before this many.

Is vmax a competition?

No, you only go as fast as you are comfortable with, there is no pressure.

How do I know my “vmax”?

It will be recorded electronically and displayed on an electronic board.

What type of cars come to vmax?

Everything and anything from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, RUF, Noble, Ultima, Maserati, TVR all the way to a very suprising 165mph Seat Ibiza!!

What is the highest vmax recorded?

9FF got 222mph, also 210mph in a convertible 9FF cab.

My car is limited to 155mph, what is the point of me coming?

With prior arrangement we can have the limiter removed for you.

How do I book a place?

Due to the popularity of vmax, places are at a premium, please register your interest by email and we will do our very best to accomodate you.